I recieve


beginners wishing to have a try, to learn a technique, a method, or simply to evaluate their desire for painting and their level.
advanced lovers. Further development in techniques is possible.
experienced painters wanting to know another approach to painting, another method, another motivation.
Fine arts students.  
I also recieve Art Teachers motivated by a desire to practice painting.
Training session
2 hours -35 euros
Working place and equipment

You can enrol for
the number of classes you want. You can choose the date.
You can paint in the morning, in the afternoon, or the whole day.
You can plan your own menu and so keeping free time for visiting the region.

Classes are given in my studio of Ste Croix. Located in the heart of the country, peace and quiet, propitious to inspiration. Easel, paper are supplied. You have to bring canvas and painting.


Students quotations...

...i will not forget how you have introduced me to the beautiful colors of oil. Thank you for the wonderful experience ! I only hope that in time I will be as expressive as you. (traduit de l'anglais) Sara Ohloff - étudiante en arts plastiques - Université de l'Indiana - U.S.A

...Je n'étais pas libre, maintenant je le suis. Merci mille fois. Lindsey Cameron - Université d'Harvard - U.S.A

...Merci beaucoup, c'était amusant et j'ai appris beaucoup. Brieen Riley - (traduit de l'anglais) Université du Connecticut. U.S.A

...J'ai admiré ta patience et ton sens de l'humour, ta jolie manière de nous expliquer les choses, ta poésie et bien sur ton savoir faire. Janet O.Dudd and Jeff- Texas - U.S.A

..Para el Maestro S.Bernard, con gratitud... Beatriz Silva - Cancun - Painter (abstraction) - Mexique.





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In spite of my big efforts to speak English, the translation still sounds a bit French !